Using the Proxy Bookmarklet

Doing your research from off-campus? Install the WSU Libraries' Proxy Bookmarklet to get right to the article you're looking for, without having to backtrack to the Libraries' website to login!

New to bookmarklets? Watch the video below that matches the browser you use:

Ready to install it? Follow the steps in the next section.

Adding the Bookmarklet

After making sure your browser allows JavaScript to run, try one or more of these:

  • Drag this WSU Libraries proxy link to your browser's bookmarks toolbar or folder
  • Depending on your browser, you may be able to right-click (or ctrl+click for Macs) on the link above and add it to your bookmarks
  • On a touchscreen device, create a bookmark but edit the URL to contain the following (instead of a normal web address):



Still having trouble? Try watching one of the videos linked at the top of this page, or try one of the tips below:

  • Depending on your browser and browser settings, you might see a security alert that the "favorite may not be safe", even though it is. Click "yes" to continue.
  • Can't see your bookmarks toolbar in your browser? Try enabling it under the View > Toolbars menu.