Library Services Outage

Most library web services (including this site)  will be unavailable Wednesday, June 1st, between 5:45 am and 7:15 am due to planned maintenance on electrical feeders on the WSU Pullman Campus. We anticipate services will return on schedule.

Until services return, you may find materials at WorldCat Discovery.


Directions to Team Office

The Library Instructon Office is on the 3rd floor of Holland Library (361). You have two options to get to the Library Instruction Offices, you can either take the stairs or take the elevators.

Via the Elevators

Follow the path to the elevators shown below.

Then take the elevators to the 3rd floor and follow the path shown below.

Via the Stairs

Follow the path to the stairs as shown below.

Then take the stairs to the third floor and follow the path.