Media Scheduling - Borrowing Rules and Procedures

Why Schedule?

To insure that a media item is on-hand when an instructor at WSU-Pullman, other WSU campus, or the University of Idaho needs it, we use a booking system to schedule media at Media Materials & Reserves. Classroom support is our first priority. If an item is not needed in the classroom then it is available for check out or rental by other universities, students, or the general public.

Scheduling Media Materials Is Easy!

Call 509.335.7664 and talk to us or visit our facility on the ground floor of Holland/Terrell Libraries to schedule a media item for your classroom viewing or checkout. Staff will contact you if there is a scheduling conflict, so please provide a phone number and e-mail address. If you have your viewing dates set, you can book for the entire semester. Booking early is your best assurance that materials will be available when you need them.


If you need to schedule classroom support for showing the media, consult Academic Media Services at 509.335.7579.

Submit requests with:

  • Complete title and shelf number
  • Preferred date(s) with alternate date(s)
  • Complete name and campus address of media patron
  • For instructional usage, department and course number in which items will be used

Media Loan Periods

The loan period for videos and films is set at 48 hours. Faculty may check out videos and films for a week for classroom showings. The CDs in our CD Music collection circulate for 2 weeks. An extension of these loan periods may be granted if the media item is not otherwise scheduled by calling 509.335.7664.

Keep in mind that transportation times over to Idaho, to the other WSU campuses, or to an off-campus rental destination may render a media item off-site and unavailable for some time.

Use and Care of Media

Media items may only be used by the individual or group ordering or checking them out. Additionally:

  • Media borrowers may not charge for admission; media are for educational use
  • Media may not be used for closed-circuit television broadcast purposes (including Academic Media Services) unless special permission from the copyright holder is granted
  • Some items carry restrictions in availability due to special license agreements. Honor any restrictions and direct any questions to the Libraries.

Media borrowers must take good care of our media items. This includes making sure that media are stored in a cool, dry place and rewinding films and videos. A complete inspection will be made of all items upon return. Although small damage costs will be absorbed by Media Materials & Reserves, borrowers will be charged for major damage or loss of any media item.

Booking a Projectionist

Because the media collection in MM&R is now located in a different department than the projectionists and other technical support (Academic Media Services--AMS), instructors are asked to coordinate the borrowing of media items and the booking of technical support separately with both departments. We ask that instructors be responsible for taking media items to AMS (located on Holland Library' ground floor just off the Terrell Mall) and back again. The AMS phone number is 509.335.4535.

Service to the Other WSU Campuses and Academic Media Services

All WSU campus faculty and students have the same borrowing privileges that WSU-Pullman borrowers have. Although we prefer that the other campus library patrons book media through their own library staff, we will also accept orders over our phone, fax, and email. In most cases, we ship media to the other campus libraries for patrons via our courier. However, when the situation warrants, we will also ship directly to the patron via UPS for the price of the shipping.

Academic Media Services showings of media to two or more groups dictate special permission even though both groups are considered classroom settings. Note: it isn't safe to assume that everything utilized in a traditional classroom setting may be utilized in the transmission setting of the AMS classroom. Academic Media Services requires a special permission for a media item from the copyright holder before an item can be shown. The MMR staff can provide producer/distributor information on our media items to any instructor seeking permission for a showing over AMS.