Special Media Collections

CDM (Music Compact Disc) Collection
The CDM collection (music compact discs) contributes to the edification and enjoyment of the university community. This collection is selected by the Music subject specialist in Holland, Paula Elliot, elliotp@wsu.edu.

J. Elroy McCaw Memorial Film Collection
In 1982, MM&R received a valuable collection of RKO Radio Picture films from the family of the late broadcasting executive and station owner, J. Elroy McCaw. This collection of 436 RKO feature-length films and 27 World War II documentaries all produced between the years 1930-1953 is known as the J. Elroy McCaw Memorial Film Collection.

Regional Media Repository
In 1989, MM&R entered into an agreement with the University of Idaho to create a joint Regional Media Repository (RMR). The RMR (containing media items purchased by both universities) is housed on the Washington State University campus. This collection serves both campuses via an intercampus shuttle.

Pitzer Vintage Radio Program Collection
In 1991, Media Materials & Reserves received 937 reels of radio programs from the collection of Paul C. Pitzer of Portland, Oregon.

Reel McCoy Old-Time Radio Program Collection
In 1996, the Murrow School of Communication received and will continue to receive a gift of a collection of old-time radio broadcasts from Pat McCoy of the TriCities. In the future it will be known as the “Reel McCoy Collection” and it will be housed in the MM&R as a resources for faculty, students, and the community.