Posted: January 5, 2014 -- ray.henry

Have you received circulation notices from our new system recently, and have questions about what's in those notices? Do you have questions about renewing materials? This update should help answer some of those questions.

Patron Circulation Summary email - a snapshot of your account, including outstanding fines

With the implementation of Search It, we have instituted some new ways to keep you informed of your library activity. Patrons with items currently checked or outstanding fines/fees received an email from the WSU Libraries on 1/2/2014 outlining the current state of their accounts. The fines/fees outlined in the "Patron Circulation Summary" are not new fines/fees that are currently being levied on any items, but are a snapshot of your account as it currently stands.

If you are showing fines on your record, and you believe that the fines/fees are in error, please fill out the Library Fines Questions form at, and Access Services will research the issue and get back to you as soon as they can.

Renewals and loan periods - an update

Some patrons may not have been able to successfully renew items online. For some of our items that are not renewable, specifically Summit and Interlibrary Loan items (though not limited to those), there were indicators that these non-renewable items could be renewed. These indicators have been changed to more accurately reflect what can and can't be renewed.

Additionally, some patrons with the ability to check out materials for an entire semester have been unable to renew or check out items past 2/17/2014. This issue is being addressed. Once the Libraries' beginning of semester processes have run on 1/13 -1/14/2013, these patrons will once again be able to check out and renew material for the entire semester. Patrons with books due on January 13 should renew them that day.

Thanks for your patience as we continue moving forward with the new system, and if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please fill out the feedback form at