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If you're looking for a luncheon or afternoon tea and antiquing, you can head for Endicott, where the Pleasant Times tea shop offers tasty goodies in a nostalgic setting Wednesday through Saturday. Reservations are strongly recommended for this popular spot (509 657-3727). Take the road out of Pullman north to Colfax, go through Colfax and turn left onto Highway 26, heading toward Walla Walla. Just under four miles later, just before you pass the Whitman County Fairgrounds, turn right on Endicott East Road to get to Endicott.

Alternatively, if you don't want to go through Colfax itself, you can take the route via Almota Road and Colfax Airport Road to Highway 26, turn left, and then right onto Endicott East Road.

Allow 45 minutes from Pullman (remember that Colfax is a speed trap!).