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WSU Architectural Details Quiz

Entertain yourself by seeing how many of these little details you can spot on WSU buildings. Let your cursor rest over an image and its location should pop up on your screen.

Bryan Hall entrance light White Hall balcony Light in front of New Library Caduceus, south facade of Pullman Memorial Hospital Stimson Hall cupola

Symbols of agricultural engineering over south entrance, Dana Hall Skull on facade of Wegner Hall Grill over entrance to heating plant

Women athletes over Smith Gym entrance Naked football, Bohler Gym entrance

McCroskey Hall north entrance Business, one of the medallions on the floor of Old Holland, south end Wilmer Hall south entrance Chemistry symbols on Fulmer Hall

Bonus Question:
bonus picture
What in the world is the woman on the right doing to the woman on the left? Exercising her foot? Treating it for injury? Trying to pry it loose after it was superglued by a prankster? If you know, drop me a line.

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