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Most library web services (including this site)  will be unavailable Wednesday, June 1st, between 5:45 am and 7:15 am due to planned maintenance on electrical feeders on the WSU Pullman Campus. We anticipate services will return on schedule.

Until services return, you may find materials at WorldCat Discovery.


Journal Article (Print)

  • Author's name. "Title of Article." Journal Title Volume Number. Issue Number (year of publication): inclusive page numbers. Medium of Publication.

Newspaper Article

  • Author's name. "Title of Article." Title of the newspaper date, edition: page numbers. Medium of Publication


Simpson, Lisa. "Lisa to Burns - Drop Dead: No One Man Can Control All Media Outlets." Red Dress Daily 15 Feb. 2008: A1. Print.

Magazine Article

  • Author's name. "Title of Article." Title of Magazine date: page numbers. Medium of Publication.


Powell, Herb. "How the Introduction of "The Homer" Destroyed Powell Motors." Automotive Production 4 May 1996: 98-112. Print.


  • Name of product or company that is the subject of the advertisement. (Descriptive Label) Advertisement. Source of the Advertisement. Date Accessed. Medium of Publication.


Mr. Sparkle. Advertisement. Springfield Shopper. 27 April 1997. Print.

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