Library Services Outage

Most library web services (including this site)  will be unavailable Wednesday, June 1st, between 5:45 am and 7:15 am due to planned maintenance on electrical feeders on the WSU Pullman Campus. We anticipate services will return on schedule.

Until services return, you may find materials at WorldCat Discovery.


The Seven UCORE Learning Goals and Information Literacy

The Seven UCORE Learning Goals have been adopted by the University to enhance its mission of providing an outstanding undergraduate experience. The Library Instruction Team addresses the facilitation of goal four: Information Literacy. Library Instruction offers information literacy sessions in conjunction with partner programs. English Composition is a key collaborator; all English 101 classes work with Library Instruction to ensure that students receive basic training in scholarly research techniques. Library Instruction also works with the Roots of Contemporary Issues program in requiring each student taking HIST 105 or 305 to complete a series of online library research assignments and a culminating research paper.